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  • Greendot is an asian-fusion meat free fast casual concept. It was founded in 2011 with the intention of making healthy meat free meals convenient, accessible and affordable to the mass. We hold a common belief that everyone can make a positive difference to the world by simply consciously choosing what they eat. Just by going meat free once or twice a week, we can take a step towards making a positive impact on ourselves, our community and the environment. Greendot hopes to modernize and revolutionize the vegetarian industry by providing a green, healthier and convenient alternative for our customers as compared to convention fast food. We repackaged traditional vegetarian cuisine into a green fast casual concept, hoping to popularize the vegetarian cuisine amongst youths and ladies, and most importantly, encourage more non-vegetarians to go meat-free.

    We are here to make it easy for people to take that first step to go meat-free!

    At Greendot, green starts with fresh, quality ingredients.

    It means constantly working with a team of nutritionists to develop menu options that provide a choice of great tasting food while meeting your nutritional needs. It means that from rinsing our rice until the water turns clear, to cooking our dishes fresh at each outlet, we take the care to prepare our food the way our Moms do.

    Because we believe it is the love put into the cooking that makes Mom’s cooking taste best. All this is made complete with a casual dining experience made possible by passionate employees who make it their business to delight each and every guest.

    We want to help people take care of and love themselves.